The Arkansas Academy for Educational Equity at the University of Arkansas develops outstanding educators who meet the needs of students in high-poverty schools

Our Purpose

The Academy for Educational Equity is housed in the College of Education and Health Professions at the University of Arkansas and is designed to increase the effectiveness and support of early-career teachers working in hard‐to‐staff, high‐poverty schools across the state. Our work is intentionally focused on designing programs that retain teachers early in their careers and equip them with the tools and resources to be successful in high‐poverty schools.

Our Vision — How We Elevate Education Throughout the State

Developing a pipeline of exceptional teachers who improve the academic outcomes of students growing up in high‐poverty communities.

Creating a ripple effect of teacher leadership through meaningful mentoring, coaching, and instructional support.

Supporting educators in their quest to continuously learn and enrich their—and their colleagues’—vision of academic success.

Transforming how educators are prepared to deeply understand what it means to teach in communities experiencing poverty.

We’re addressing the urgent need to build a more equitable education system in Arkansas—one that targets the teacher shortages in hard‐to‐staff schools, retains teachers throughout these schools, and provides students with a quality education.

We create outcomes‐based training programs for educators based on innovative best practices in serving communities experiencing poverty. Our work is centered around being responsive to the needs of local school districts.