Master's Degree in Educational Equity

Are you a current teacher looking to make a big difference? Get your master’s degree while teaching full time. In this two-year program, you’ll get hands-on practice and coaching while applying coursework directly to your teaching.

Curriculum & Schedule

While teaching in high‐poverty schools in Little Rock and rural communities across Arkansas, coaching, content‐area support, and practical training will boost your effectiveness. The Arkansas Academy for Educational Equity intends to offer a Master’s in Education in Educational Equity to all accepted participants. This innovative program is housed in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education and Health Professions at the University of Arkansas and will take your teaching to the next level.

Year One


  • Begin with four weeks of intensive skill‐building
  • Receive mentoring and begin first course



  • Start teaching at your school
  • Receive regular coaching from content experts
  • Take 2 online courses


  • Regular coaching from content experts
  • Take 2 online courses
  • Continue to teach at your school 


Year Two


  • Undergo an additional four weeks of skill‐building and mentoring
  • Take 2 online courses




  • Start year 2 at your school
  • Receive regular coaching from content experts
  • Take 2 online courses



  • Wrap up master’s with 1 remaining  online class
  • Continue to receive coaching and prepare for graduation


Benefits & Cost


Participants in early cohorts will have the master’s degree fully subsidized. You will be responsible for the cost of course materials.


The program is designed to help you take the time and space to improve your teaching through intentional reflection, learning, and one‐on‐one coaching and mentoring.


You will receive a contract to teach full‐time with one of our partner schools while attending the two‐year master’s program.

We work with schools
across Arkansas

Being responsive to the needs of local communities, school districts, and charter network partners is a hallmark of our program. You will receive a full-time contract to teach in one of our partner schools for the duration of the master’s degree.

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Did you know that teacher shortages disproportionately impact students who are growing up in poverty? This is your opportunity to make an impact. Let’s partner to bring your career to the next level and to make a difference in the lives of children across Arkansas.

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