Instructions and Reminders

You must complete the application in one sitting. Your work will not be saved so be sure you’re ready to
upload everything at once! Some helpful tips for working on your application can be found below. Have additional questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Reminder #1: Gather Materials

Gather your materials before you begin the application process. You will need to submit a current resume and cover letter. If desired, you may submit a unit plan. 

Reminder #2: Cover Letter

In your cover letter, please address the following questions:

  • Describe why you want to join the Arkansas Academy for Educational Equity.
  • Share any significant academic gains you have achieved in a professional setting, citing specific evidence and data.

Reminder #3: PDFs

Save your resume and cover letter in PDF format. If you wish to submit a unit plan, please save this as a PDF as well.

Reminder #4: References

Please include a former or current supervisor as one of your two references. 

Reminder #5: Application

If you are currently teaching a subject that is not listed in the options for the question “What content area do you teach?” please select “Secondary Social Studies” from the dropdown and use the text boxes to provide the specifics of your current position. 

Arkansas Academy for Educational Equity Application